Monday, December 6, 2010


Here's a message from our moderator, Ely.
Hey MEChistAs,

Check out this fabulous coverage of the event we co-coordinated this past Saturday through CT Students for a DREAM. 

If you missed the event, you can see the whole thing here

Listen to the stories of our undocumented friend, realize just what the DREAM Act means to them, and make the calls. DREAM Activist makes it easy to do.

It's Reading Week, MEChistAs. Shoot for ten calls a day. It takes 3 minutes to call, and your call could have a tangible and direct impact on peoples' lives, including MEChistAs past and present. Do it for them.

amor y paz,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mixed Media

hey Mecha!
Besides saving the date for our winter conference,
which hopefully you are all coming to,
Check out the rap about Arizona y la lucha:

Enjoy the rest of the week!